[Ndn-interest] repo-ng and least-authority storage

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Tue Jun 27 20:32:19 PDT 2017

Oh, I forgot redundancy! Let's say that I want to run three repos in different availability zones; can I have them all synchronize with each other somehow?
Peace,~ C.
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I want to know if the following security design is provider-independent; that is, whether it still holds even if I don't trust the NDN nodes running repo-ng.

To make a cap for a file, generate a secret key and nonce, use libsodium to put the file in a box with the key and nonce, and finally, insert the box in a repo with a random name. The name, key, and nonce form a capability for the file; the capability is necessary and sufficient for file retrieval.
This is a lot less work than Tahoe-LAFS has to put in! Would it really work?
Peace,~ C.

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