[Ndn-interest] CS hit ratio on NDN testbed nodes

Hamed Yousefi hyousefi at umich.edu
Thu Aug 3 13:40:30 PDT 2017

Dear folks,

I need some statistical information of the running nodes on the NDN
Although I can find the size of CS on NFD status webpage, the CS hit ratio
is not clear to me, e.g., see general UA NFD status in
http://hobo.cs.arizona.edu/. Actually, I need to know what percentage of
Interests are satisfied by CS for the currently running applications. Can
this probably be deduced from some counters of Interest, Data and Nacks on
the NFD status page for each node?

I'd really appreciate your help to answer this question asap.


Hamed Yousefi
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA
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