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Thank you Junxiao,

Well, another problem (from my point of view) will be opened, if the load balancing and alternative path selection is a full responsibility of consumer, so load balancing and congestion should be solved from the application layer with some modification in strategy layer ?
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Hi Boubakr

Yes, load balancing and usage of alternate paths apply to Interest forwarding only, while Data simply follows the reverse of an Interest. There is no "consumer address" in the Data, so that there is no way to send the Data on another path.
The consumer is ultimately responsible for retrieving the Data it wants. If there is a link failure, the downstream (consumer or otherwise) can retransmit the Interest, in order to reach a node that has the Data (either producer or cache). It is also downstream's responsibility to load balance its Interests among multiple paths, in reaction to congestion marks.
You may have seen schemes that add a return address to Data packets. Such schemes would not work with Interest aggregation: if the Data is routed via an alternate path according to the return address, other consumers whose Interests have been aggregated could not receive the Data because the Data no longer passes through the node that performed the aggregation.

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On Mon, Apr 24, 2017 at 19:49 <n.boubakr at bit.edu.cn> wrote:
Starting from the point that the Data packet is routed back to consumer using the reverse path of Interest. How can we achieve a load balancing in Data delivery, and how can we migrate from a link to another link in case of link failure.
Another question, most of efforts in NDN congestion control propose using alternative path, how can we use an alternative path and NDN forwarding engine uses the PIT table to deliver data. 
The idea of alternative path and load balancing is valid only in Interest path and can not be realized in Data path.
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