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Syed Hassan Ahmed s.h.ahmed at ieee.org
Wed Apr 19 06:53:29 PDT 2017

Dear Boubakr,

As far as Data is concerned, it is divided into Chunks.... Each Chunk can
have its ID.

Now coming to the point that is there an Interest for every chunk !!! It
depends on your application and forwarding strategy. Some protocols have
been proposed with the keyword "Long Lived Interests". You may wanna go
through it.

Normally, it is in the practice that the consumer can send an Interest for
every Chunk as we never know that the missing chunk may be cached by
another node (that shows up after the first Interest was sent out) in
Mobile Ad Hoc environment specifically.

Having said that, comparing to TCP session would be ambitious anyway.


On Wed, Apr 19, 2017 at 10:25 PM <n.boubakr at bit.edu.cn> wrote:

> Hello,
> I was wondering how NDN transfer big files across the network, and how the
> reliable transfer protocol has been implemented in NDN. What about all TCP
> functionalities, or does NDN natively supports them!
> Also, in case of segmentation, does PIT table records names of each
> segment, or only the whole name of Interest before the segmentation? If
> it’s the point, should the consumer send an Interest for each segment
> (looks like the session in TCP)?
> I hope to clarify the points that I’m wrong on.
> Boubakr NOUR (Ph.D Student)
> Beijing Institute of Technology
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