[Ndn-interest] Trouble with testing sample ndnfs client application

Ishita Dasgupta ishita.dasgupta at gmail.com
Thu Apr 13 14:08:57 PDT 2017

I am having trouble trying to show/fetch files hosted by ndnfs-server via
ndnfs-client with the simple test-client application provided here

Here are the steps:

*To start the server:*
1. My data directory: /users/idasgupt/dataset
2. Mounting directory: /tmp/ndnfs
3. I started the ndnfs on server: ./build/ndnfs -d /users/idasgupt/dataset
4. I start the ndnfs-server: ./build/ndnfs-server -p /ndn/broadcast/ndnfs
-l ndnfs-server.log -f /tmp/ndnfs -d ndnfs.db (Thus, prefix:

*To start/test the client(localhost): *
I am trying to see the metadata/fetch a file *a.txt* that I confirmed
exists both in my data and mount directory. (Also the file permission was

1. nfd-start; ./build/test-client
I skipped nfdc register as this was localhost. I have tried with nfdc
register from remote client as well and I still get the same error
described next
2. show /ndn/broadcast/ndnfs/a.txt (KEEPS TIMING OUT, same with fetch)
Displaying info of file by name: /ndn/broadcast/ndnfs/a.txt
Timeout /ndn/broadcast/ndnfs/a.txt
- 1491847947 DEBUG: Ndnfs-server logging.
- 1491847947 DEBUG: main: sqlite database open ok
- 1491847947 DEBUG: main: db file: ndnfs.db
- 1491847947 DEBUG: main: fs root path: /tmp/ndnfs
- 1491847947 DEBUG: main: serving prefix: /ndn/broadcast/ndnfs
- 1491848080 DEBUG: onInterest: no such file found in ndnfs: /a.txt
- 1491848080 DEBUG: sendDirMeta: no such folder found: /a.txt

Has anyone come across this problem before?
Am I writing the prefix or filepath wrong?
I have ndn-cpp,  ndnfs-port , ndn-tools, NFD,  PyNDN2 installed both on
server and client(when remote) as well as their dependent libraries. Do I
need to manually setup some sqlite db or anything to do with ndn-js
Please let me know if you have any idea where I might be going wrong. Any
guidance would be helpful.
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