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Hi Junxiao,

Thanks for clarifying that I should use the broadcast-channel for the MAC layer to broadcast a message and for informing me to consider the frame size when I send the interest. Yet, I still need to know how to advertise a service or send a command to all neighbor nodes. An example of CCNx's Service Naming Conventions is "%C1.serv/", which should be received by all neighbor nodes, where "C1" is the special name component and "serv" is the advertised service.

>From your answer, I understand that NDN has no service naming conventions" yet like CCNx, any advice, guide or suggestion that might help me do something similar to service naming convention of CCNx or do advertise a service?

I appreciate your help, thanks again,


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Hi Ahed

In a network scenario where every node is equipped with IEEE 802.15.4-based NDN:
1 - Is it possible to send a broadcast message (to send command or to advertise a service) to all the neighbor nodes.
Yes, 802.15.4 MAC supports broadcast addressing. NDN packets can be transmitted over broadcast channel.

2-  How can I get information on how to structure a broadcast message.
The main concern is that 802.15.4’s MTU is 127 octets. You may send regular Interests with NDNLPv2 fragmentation and reassembly, but each Interest would use many lower layer frames.

3- I have also read about "extensible command markers" of CCNx which might use "%C1.M.S.neighborhood" to broadcast a message/invoke services (correct me if I am wrong), does NDN has similar extension, and how to do it (a reference or example should help).
The NDN equivalent of “extensible command markers” is MarkedComponent<https://redmine.named-data.net/issues/2012>. It’s not yet approved and not implemented.

Yours, Junxiao
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