[Ndn-interest] Signature verification

Matteo Bertolino Matteo.Bertolino at eurecom.fr
Mon Sep 26 02:43:38 PDT 2016

Good morning,
I am searching an example about how to realize secure communication,  
because the security library tutorial on the web site did not solved  
lots of doubts.
Specifically, I would like to realize something like:

Consumer --- NDN network with some gateways --- GW_edge --- Producer
, where:

- The Consumer requests a data;
- Producer has a certificate given by an Authority A well know.  
Consumer has the certificate of A in its store.
- Producer has two keys: KSK long term , DSK for short term. Now let's  
focus on the data origin authentication.
- Producer sign the data packet with its certificate.
- Consumer check the certificate of Producer and it notices that it  
was signed by A.
- Consumer sends an Interest to A in order to obtain its certificate.
- Consumer see that A's certificate it is the same that it cached, and  
it does not drop the data packet.

These steps are not "mandatory", I mean  that if you know a better  
method to perform authentication or something else that I can study in  
order to understand better is good the same.

I am working in C++. I had a look to the ndn-cxx api, but I do not  
understand the elementary steps about how to realize the communication  
above mentioned.

Best regards,

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