[Ndn-interest] Mobility support on technical report + Signature infrastructure NDN

Matteo Bertolino Matteo.Bertolino at eurecom.fr
Fri Sep 23 06:08:13 PDT 2016

Good morning, I would like to ask you a thing about mobility support  
and one about the signature mechanism.

1) I am reading the paragraph about the mobility support during the  
forwarding of an interest in the NFD Developer guide:  
Paragraph 4.2.3. I need to clarify some aspects because I do not  
understand well the process described in this paragraph:

"If the Interest carries a Link object, it is processed for mobility support.
First, the pipeline determines whether the Interest has reached the  
producer region, by checking if any delegation name
in the Link object is a prefix of any region name from the network  
region table (Section 3.2). If so, FIB lookup is
performed using Interest Name, as if the Link object does not exist.
Second, the pipeline inspects whether the Interest contains the  
SelectedDelegation field, which indicates that a down-
stream forwarder has chosen which delegation to use. If so, it implies  
that the Interest is already in default-free zone,
FIB lookup is performed using the selected delegation name.
Third, the pipeline determines whether the Interest is in the consumer  
region or has reached the default-free zone, by
looking up the first delegation Name in FIB. If this lookup turns out  
the default route (i.e., the root FIB entry ndn:/
with a non-empty nexthop list), it means the Interest is still in  
consumer region, and this lookup result is passed down
to next step. Otherwise, the Interest has reached the default-free zone.
Last, the pipeline selects a delegation for an Interest that has  
reached the default free zone, by looking up every
delegation name in the FIB, and choose the lowest-cost delegation that  
matches a non-empty FIB entry. The chosen
delegation is written into the SelectedDelegation field in the  
Interest packet, so that upstream forwarders can follow
this selection without doing multiple FIB lookups."

In particular, the purposes of mobility support, what are the  
delegations, what their utility and so on.

2) Meanwhile, I would like to use this mail in order to ask another  
thing about the Signature infrastructure using the ndn-cxx. I would  
like to test the mechanism, but I need some advices. For example, does  
it exists already something that can help me? Or should I create a  
node "Certificate authority" that answer to the request in the  
recursive verification process, should I generate and store the  
certificate myself, should I implement all "by hand" ?

Have a nice weekend. Thanks a lot,

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