[Ndn-interest] Miscellanous: some problems about "how to start"

Matteo Bertolino Matteo.Bertolino at eurecom.fr
Fri Sep 2 07:28:07 PDT 2016

Good morning, thank you for the acceptance in the mailing list. I am a
student and I am writing this mail in order to clarify some doubts
about "how start".
The documentation is a lot and I am a little lost.

1) First of all, I noticed that there are two simulators: one Mininet
based and then ndnSIM. I started some simulations with this last one,
but I did not understand why there are two simulators: do they have
different purposes?

2) Always about ndnSIM, I am a bit in difficult. I successfully
launched a simulation, the simple simulation scenario, but I have
totally not clear how to:
- Modifying the existing scenario
- Make my own scenario. Should I utilize the Helper classes?
- During a simulation in visual mode, I manage to look at FIB, PID and
CS. But I am not able to do the same launching the program in console
with gdb.

3) Finally, the cpp library. I saw it, but I do not understand, again,
how to start. I saw the example about Consumer and Producer, but if I
would like to build a network with some producers, some consumers, and
some gateways! Should I utilize the NFD daemon or is it totally a part?

Excuse-me for the noob questions,
Thanks a lot

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