[Ndn-interest] Question on NACK

Hwang In Chan neogeoss1 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 26 04:16:33 PDT 2016

Dear NDN researchers,

I would like to ask you a question on NACK in NDNsim. When I run NDNsim, is
it possible for a producer to make NACK
to the consumer at any time?
My script file has a fixed producer and a consumer in the scenario, I think
it is impossible for a producer to make NACKs.

While I was running my simulation script with modified NDNSIM, it gets
stuck at NACK handling. I should have coded NACk handling for my customed
NDNSIM, but I did not do it because I thought NACK would be unneccesary for
my customed scenario and ndnSIM.
If NACK is made even in an average scenario and NDNsim, I would have to
make one for my own simulator.

If any of you have any idea on NACK, please reply me.

Lots of love,

inchan hwang
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