[Ndn-interest] ndn-cxx small tutorial: nacks, certificates with repo, signed interest

Matteo Bertolino Matteo.Bertolino at eurecom.fr
Fri Oct 14 01:40:22 PDT 2016

Dear all,
this mail is though for who, like me, is just a beginner about NDN.
At the start of my work, I had some difficulties about "how to  
perform" some basic experiments.
Then I resumed in a little pdf the main important steps in the  
following topics:
1- Sending a personalized application nack
2- How to build a certificate chain, how to distribute it with  
repo-ng, how to verify the data
3- How to send and verify a signed interest.

I am absolutely sure that there will be some errors in my explanation,  
but I am sure also that this code and steps here listed  could help a  
I encourage all to publish their personal documentation, because in my  
opinion they are very useful.

Disclaimer: I found some pieces of code and some steps on the web, on  
the mailing list etc. Most of the work is my own, however.

The pdf is attached. Let me know if you want to contribute to it with  
new use cases. In my opinion, one about ndns is needed, like a section  
that explains well the difference between ndn-cxx and ndn-cpp, between  
mini and ndnsim, and so on.

If there is well done, you can put this file where you want.

You can find it also in my personal git:


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