[Ndn-interest] Large file transfer

Thiago Teixeira tteixeira at engin.umass.edu
Mon Oct 10 13:11:54 PDT 2016

Hi folks,

I am experimenting with mobility in NDN and want to evaluate the performance and reliability under intermittent/disconnected networks. NDN-Ping and NDN-Chunks run fine; however, ndnchunks handles single small files (data packet less than 8800 B, if I'm not mistaken).

I've also tried the NDN file system app (NDNFS) with file sizes 10MB, 100MB, and 1GB. The files are successfully sync'ed with the end host over a three hop wireless network, but when I run tcpdump to monitor the traffic in the network, I don't see any UDP packets during the sync (I do see UDP packets when I run ndnchunks). I can see mDNS packets.
Can you explain if this is the right behavior, please?

I could only find this post from Aug-2015 regarding packet fragmentation- http://www.lists.cs.ucla.edu/pipermail/ndn-interest/2015-August/000824.html

Thanks in advance,
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