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Fri Mar 11 00:06:18 PST 2016

Hi Alex,
   This is really an interesting topics, and I tried to summarize some
principles too. And here is my comments.
1. The meaning of "NDN principle" is not very clear (at least to me). I
think you do not refer to the design principle of NDN architecture itself,
but more or less refer to NDN-based applications. But anyway, to clarify
its meaning and usage would make it easier to understand.
2. I would say REST-style application layer interaction. Since no session
is built between producer and consumer, Interest should not rely on context
of communication in order to retrieve a data.
This also relates to Interest concurrency, here I mean how many Interests
can be sent in parallel. I categories the Interests to two kinds: 1) safe
one, which does not change the status of producer, but "read" data only; 2)
sensitive one, which may change the status. When there is sensitive
Interests, the sequence of Interests is critical; otherwise, multiple
Interests can be sent in parallel for better throughput.
3. Apps do not have to worry about scalability, since multiple data source,
caching and hop-by-hop flow control effectively enables app to scale its
throughput. But apps should avoid to move NDN communication back to
end-to-end style by building session manually. (although session may be a
must for some apps.)


On Fri, Mar 11, 2016 at 3:46 PM, Alex Afanasyev <aa at cs.ucla.edu> wrote:

> Dear all,
> Recently, we have been working to formalize a list of basic principles
> that underly the design of the NDN architecture.  We have assembled the
> initial list of 6 principles and would like to ask everybody for the all
> kind of feedback about the identified principles, other potential
> principles, wording clarification, etc.
> We also hope that the NDN design principles will start a new round of
> public architectural discussions, clarifying the current and future design
> decisions and overall architecture objectives.
> The latest version of the principles and additional information is
> available on NDN website:
> http://named-data.net/project/ndn-design-principles/
> * * *
> For convenience, here is the current version of the list without
> additional information:
> [1] **Universality**:
>     NDN should be a common network protocol for all applications and
> network environments.
> [2] **Data-Centricity and Data Immutability**:
>     NDN should fetch uniquely named, immutable “data packets” requested
> using “interest packets”.
> [3] **Securing Data Directly**:
>     Security should be the property of data packets, staying the same
> whether the packets are in motion or at rest.
> [4] **Hierarchical Naming**:
>     Packets should carry hierarchical names to enable demultiplexing and
> provide structured context.
> [5] **In-Network Name Discovery**:
>     Interests should be able use incomplete names to retrieve data packets.
> [6] **Hop-by-Hop Flow Balance**:
>     Over each link, one interest packet should bring back no more than one
> data packet.
> * * *
> Sincerely,
> Alex
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