[Ndn-interest] Registering an Interest into NDNx

César A. Bernardini mesarpe at gmail.com
Fri Mar 4 06:54:29 PST 2016


I am trying to understand how NDN client registers an Interest name.
To this end, I am debugging ndnpoke. I will describe what I have
understood so far:

1. Let us imagine that we want to register the name: /hello/there.
2. A template is created adding Key, Signature and to Encrypt the content
3. NDN_set_interest_filter is called  (asynchronously) and a set of
actions is described.

4. ndn_run is always running while ndnpoke is running.
5. ndn_run calls ndn_process_scheduled_operations that calls
6. This function (ndn_initiate_prefix_reg) seems to alter the
registered name: the interest name is encoded into base64 attached
with the signature info and a prefix ndnx:/ndnx/self reg is appended.
There is something else in base64 that I have not idea what it is.
7. Finally the function ndn_express_interest sends the Interest
message to the NDNx server.

Am I getting right the process? Is it that complicated?
What is the base64 component added into the Interest message?


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