[Ndn-interest] Basic Query about Dual Names for one Content

Junxiao Shi shijunxiao at email.arizona.edu
Thu Jul 21 10:26:40 PDT 2016

Hi Syed

Upon learning the correct prefix “10pm”, the consumer has to send a second Interest with “10pm”. For all subsequent segments, the consumer can directly send “10pm” Interests without first expressing a “2200” Interest and getting a redirection.

The redirection can be in the form of a Link object, as seen in SNAMP paper.
Data /vid/sf/breakingnews/20151231/2200/%00%00
  Content=REDIRECT to /vid/sf/breakingnews/20151231/10pm/%00%00
          Link /vid/sf/breakingnews/20151231/10pm
            => /vid/sf/breakingnews/20151231/2200
          signed by breakingnews.com
  signed by vehicle
However, this implies the Link object needs to be prepared by the original publisher.

A producer application must have registered a prefix in the local forwarder to receive the Interest, and construct the Data with redirection when an Interest arrives. ContentStore cannot handle it.
Therefore, the best solution is still: make sure the naming scheme is consistent.

Yours, Junxiao

From: Syed Hassan Ahmed
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