[Ndn-interest] Basic Query about Dual Names for one Content

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I am very interested in multiple names per data packet: for some time, I
have wanted to produce one piece of data (e.g. a temperature reading), but
consume it under multiple namespaces (e.g. /temp/[sensor id]/[timestamp] and
/temp/[timestamp])-the point is that multiple sensors could produce
simultaneously but a consumer could choose to retrieve either the latest
sensor-specific reading (e.g. /temp/[sensor id]?ChildSelector=RightMost) or
the latest global reading (/temp?ChildSelector=RightMost). I cannot do this
in the current implementation: I must register both prefixes and generate
packets for both types of requests. I can think of a couple of mechanisms
that would be helpful (e.g. a field on the data packet for additional names,
interest selectors that work on more than the last component) but are there
architectural reasons that this can't or shouldn't be done? I originally
thought the LINK mechanism would allow this but I don't think it does.




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Respected NDN Community,


Can we have two names for one Content? Let's say, we consider heterogeneous
naming schemes, that have been applied at two different locations (X, Y) and
the nodes are mobile (lets say Vehicles). Now when a node from location X
moves into the range of location Y? How the NDN router/node resolves this
issue? May be my question is a bit ambitious, however, I believe that one
content can have multiple names. I understand the concept of NONCE somehow,
but NONCE can be applied to two different names for the same content? 


1/ yes a single piece of content can have multiple names.

However every name should name a unique piece of content.


2/ There can be applications that name content based on locations.

generally speaking, content names are not location-specific.


3/ in your above example: do vehicles X and Y carry an identical piece of

If so, that content can have its own name, independent from the locations of
X or Y, there is no issue whether X and Y are far apart or close to each
other (this could lead you to a different question: if a name is not
location-dependent, how NDN forwarders find the content: some discussions
here: http://named-data.net/publications/survey_mobility_support_ndn/)


4/ "nonce" is not relevant to the above discussions; it's used to mitigate
interest looping.


my 2 cents,


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