[Ndn-interest] [NDN-TR] NDN-0037 revision 1: A Secure Link State Routing Protocol for NDN

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A new NDN Technical Report (initial revision) is now available on NDN website.
Comments and suggestions are highly welcome.

    Title         : A Secure Link State Routing Protocol for NDN
    Authors       : Vince Lehman, A K M Mahmudul Hoque, Yingdi Yu, Lan Wang,
                    Beichuan Zhang, and Lixia Zhang
    Number        : NDN-0037
    Revision      : 1
    Revision Date : 2016-01-26
    Obsoletes     : A. Hoque, S. O. Amin, A. Alyyan, B. Zhang, L. Zhang, and
                    L. Wang, NLSR: Named Data Link State routing protocol, in
                    Proceedings  of the 3rd ACM SIGCOMM Workshop on Information-
                    Centric Networking, 2013.

    The Named-data Link State Routing protocol (NLSR) is an intra-domain routing
    protocol for Named Data Networking (NDN). It is an application level protocol
    similar to many IP routing protocols, but NLSR uses NDN’s Interest/Data packets
    to disseminate routing updates, directly benefiting from NDN’s built-in data
    authenticity. The initial NLSR design, which was developed in 2013, has
    undergone significant changes. The new NLSR has been deployed on the NDN testbed
    since August 2014; its development helped drive the development of the
    trust/security functionality of NDN libraries as well as a number of features in
    NFD and ChronoSync. In this paper, we describe the current design and
    implementation of NLSR, with emphasis on those features that differentiate it
    from an IP-based link state routing protocol – (1) naming: a hierarchical naming
    scheme for routers, keys, and routing updates; (2) security: a hierarchical
    trust model for routing within a single administrative domain; (3) routing
    information dissemination: using ChronoSync to disseminate routing updates; and
    (4) multipath routing: a simple way to calculate and rank multiple forwarding
    options. Although NLSR is designed in the context of a single domain, its design
    patterns may offer a useful reference for future development of inter-domain
    routing protocols.

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