[Ndn-interest] Chunk level Data Retrieval in mobile NDN

Syed Hassan Ahmed s.h.ahmed at ieee.org
Tue Jan 26 23:02:14 PST 2016

Hello Dear Colleagues and Seniors,

I have a simple query regarding Chunk level retrieval in NDN enabled mobile
networks such as VANETs, MANETs, etc.

Let's consider one scenario:

We have a consumer (C), looking for an Interest (i), and the current
neighboring node (n) is not the provider of (i). In this case, the (n) will
forward the (i) depending on any forwarding strategy. Now lets say, the
very next hop to (n) is the provider (P) of (i) and the chunk level data
retrieval starts in multi-hop fashion. However, after the successful
delivery of few chunks (e.g. 5 out of 15 chunks), the (n) moves out between
the (C) and (P), given that we have always caching on.

What will happen to those 5 chunks cached in the memory of (n)? How they
can be used? And if not, is there any scheme or mechanism defined in the
current NDN to discard them? Or they will be discarded straight away?

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*Syed Hassan Ahmed*
사예드 하산 아흐메드

PhD Research Scholar,
MoNeT Wireless Lab, <http://monet.knu.ac.kr>
Kyungpook National University,
Daegu City, Republic of Korea.
Cell: +82-10-9883-0786
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