[Ndn-interest] Named Data Networking (NDN) Project Monthly Newsletter for February 2016

Josh Polterock josh at caida.org
Mon Feb 29 17:04:32 PST 2016

Named Data Networking (NDN) Project Newsletter for February 2016

The NDN project team compiles and publishes this newsletter monthly
to inform the community about recent activities, technical news,
meetings, publications, presentations, code releases, and upcoming
events. You can find these newsletters posted on the Named Data
Networking Project blog.


* Mark your calendars for 20-23 March 2016 when we plan to hold
  the next NDN Hackathon (open to the public) and Project Retreat
  (open to NDN Consortium members). We will host the retreat on the
  University of California at San Diego campus in La Jolla, CA.
  This retreat will focus on science applications, technical
  discussions with a focus on NFD development, autoconfiguration
  IoT over NDN, and architectural principles and I/UCRC proposal
  planning.  For registration information, agenda, and more see the
  web page at http://www.caida.org/workshops/ndn/1603/ .


* We published an updated alpha version of NFD on Android to Google
  Play store, based on the recently released NFD version 0.4.0.
  This first release has limited documentation. We welcome help in
  any form: bug reports and feature requests submitted to redmine
  patches, bug fixes, feature implementations, documentation and
  updates.  To opt-in to the alpha testing and to download the NFD
  app, open https://play.google.com/apps/testing/net.named_data.nfd
  on your Android device.  Source code for the port is available
  on GitHub: https://github.com/named-data-mobile/NFD-android

* The NDN Testbed has grown to 31 Nodes with 84 links. Since our
  last newsletter, four new sites have connected to the NDN Testbed;
  University of Goettingen, University of Indonesia, Osaka University,
  and the University of Minho in Portugal. See the complete list
  at http://named-data.net/ndn-testbed/.

* We released a new version of PyNDN, the NDN Common Client Library
  for Python. The main change is to use the ?cryptography?  package
  which has the following advantages:
  *   Faster - up to 7 times faster for RSA signing
  *   The code is under active maintenance
  *   Supports elliptic curve ECDSA 
  *   More uniform support for Python 2 vs. 3. 

  To install the cryptography package on your platform, please see
  the INSTALL file:


* Gusev, P., Z. Wang, J. Burke, L. Zhang, T. Yoneda, R. Ohinishi,
  E.  Muramoto. "Real-time Streaming Data Delivery over Named Data
  Networking," to appear in IEICE Transactions*, 2016.  This paper,
  accepted for publication by the Japanese IEICE, generalizes and
  expands on the description of the current NDN-RTC approach.

* W. Shang, A. Bannis, T. Liang, Z. Wang, Y. Yu, A. Afanasyev, J.
  Thompson, J. Burke, B. Zhang, and L. Zhang. "Named Data Networking
  of Things  (Invited Paper)."  IEEE IoTDI 2016, April 4-8, Berlin,
  Germany. This paper surveys the challenges to Internet of Things
  (IoT) using TCP/IP and explores how Named Data Networking (NDN)
  can help achieve the IoT vision in a more secure, straightforward,
  and innovation-friendly manner. The paper discusses  short- and
  long-term scenarios for employing NDN to enable the IoT.

* NDN TR-0038 Revision 1: Wentao Shang, Yingdi Yu, Ralph Droms,
  Lixia Zhang.  "Challenges in IoT Networking via TCP/IP Architecture"
  analyzes the technical challenges in applying TCP/IP to the IoT
  environment and reviews various solutions. The paper argues that
  existing IP-based solutions are either inefficient or insufficient
  in supporting IoT applications, and that a more effective solution
  would embrace the Information Centric Network architecture.


* Our NDN Seminar series continued in February.  The NDN seminars
  are internally focused. If you would like to participate in the
  NDN Seminars, please contact the new PoC, UCLA PhD. candidate
  Spyridon Mastorakis <Spiros.mastorakis at gmail.com> for the most
  up-to-date information regarding upcoming seminars.

   - 10 February 2016 Yingdi Yu (UCLA), "Schematizing Trust in Named Data Networking"
   - 24 February 2016 Peter Gusev (UCLA REMAP) "Real-Time Videoconferencing over NDN"
   -  2 March 2016 Susmit Shannigrahi (Colorado State University) "Scientific Data Applications in NDN"

For more information about the Named Data Networking (NDN) Project
please visit http://www.named-data.net/.

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