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Vince Lehman (vslehman) vslehman at memphis.edu
Mon Feb 29 07:47:50 PST 2016

Hi Navdeep,

This error is usually caused by the NFD process on the node terminating; NLSR is unable to receive data from NFD’s Unix socket.

Can you check or share NFD’s log to see the reason for the process’ termination? It could be something wrong with the configuration or if you are using ctl^c to kill a process on the Mini-NDN command-line, this can sometimes kill NFD processes also.

Vince Lehman

On Feb 29, 2016, at 7:52 AM, Navdeep Uniyal <Navdeep.Uniyal at neclab.eu<mailto:Navdeep.Uniyal at neclab.eu>> wrote:

Hi everyone,

I am using minindn to run my experiments, I am finding few errors in the NLSR log. Due to which packet loss is occurring. Below is the snippet of the error and attached is the log file. Please if someone can help resolving the issue.

20160229054020045 DEBUG: [HelloProtocol] Interest Received for Name: /ndn/edu/%C1.Router/cs/ga/NLSR/INFO/%07%1C%08%03ndn%08%03edu%08%08%C1.Router%08%02cs%08%02hb
20160229054020045 DEBUG: [HelloProtocol] Neighbor: /ndn/edu/%C1.Router/cs/hb
20160229054020049 DEBUG: [HelloProtocol] Sending out data for name: /ndn/edu/%C1.Router/cs/ga/NLSR/INFO/%07%1C%08%03ndn%08%03edu%08%08%C1.Router%08%02cs%08%02hb
20160229054020533 DEBUG: [HelloProtocol] Interest Received for Name: /ndn/edu/%C1.Router/cs/ga/NLSR/INFO/%07%1C%08%03ndn%08%03edu%08%08%C1.Router%08%02cs%08%02hc
20160229054020533 DEBUG: [HelloProtocol] Neighbor: /ndn/edu/%C1.Router/cs/hc
20160229054020535 DEBUG: [HelloProtocol] Sending out data for name: /ndn/edu/%C1.Router/cs/ga/NLSR/INFO/%07%1C%08%03ndn%08%03edu%08%08%C1.Router%08%02cs%08%02hc
20160229054111562 FATAL: [Main] ERROR: error while receiving data from socket (End of file)
20160229054111562 DEBUG: [Fib] Fib::clean called

Navdeep Uniyal
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