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What I meant by my second question is to add a pub/sub extension to ndn, in fact the present policy in ndn is demand-response based, what if we wanted for some data flows to use a pub/sub policy
In other words allow to a consumer to subscribe once in a topic and then he will receive any data packet produced and corresponding to this topic…

It could be useful when I have an information that I want to retrieve periodically ! like electricity price for instance, I don’t want to send an interest in order to have data, but I want to subscribe once and then get electricity price each time there is a new one

Best regards

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1- That is when NACK comes up! For example in DFZ(Default-free zone) when there is no entry(in CS,PIT or FIB), a NACK with some description will be sent back to the consumer.

2- Could you elaborate a bit more on "each time it is published"? Generally a Data packet cannot traverse nodes if already there is no interest for it.


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Dear ndn users

I would like to ask what really happens when an ndn node receives an interest that he can’t satisfy (no corresponding content in its CS, no corresponding entry neither in its PIT nor in its FIB)
Does it drop it ?

Another question on extending ndn with pub/sub mechanism, in fact each time we need to retrieve a content we have to express an interest
What if I want to express the interest once and receive the corresponding content each time it is published?

Best regards


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