[Ndn-interest] NDNVideo: Available over NFD?

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Is NDN supposed to have/support fragmentation at all? I mean, recently I saw some presentation slides for icnrg presented by Alex(I guess), in which said fragmentation, if necessary, will be done on the hosts(endpoints).


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Thank you for the information. This is great news. I will get started with the existing projects and let you know where I get from there.


Thank you. I have used NDNLP with NFD and can say that it worked great on the two Ubuntu 12.04 VMs I used. Zhehao was kind enough to fix the bugs in NDNFS application for Ethernet support.

Since I am trying to set this up on a network, I looked for routing protocols and found NLSR [3] which is great to get me started.
1) Are there any others that I may have missed?
2) What is the general experience of using NLSR over Ethernet?

[3] https://github.com/named-data/NLSR

Thank you.
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2) The implementation at the Github link [2] appears to be over CCNx and
as far as I understand Ethernet faces don¹t work well over CCNx. Is there
a plan to port this to NDN?

There is no immediate plan to port NDNVideo to the current NDN platform.
However, there is the ndnrtc project - https://github.com/remap/ndnrtc /
https://github.com/peetonn/ndncon - as well as some other video projects
(e.g., https://github.com/iliamo/video-prototype) that others can speak
to. These, should, I suppose, work over ethernet in NFD using its now
internal version of NDNLP.
http://redmine.named-data.net/projects/nfd/wiki/NDNLP-TLV.   I am not sure
of the status of this support, but others in this list should be.   If you
are able to get them to work over Ethernet, I'd love to hear about it.

Ethernet support is expected to work well in NFD >= 0.3.0. This
includes fragmentation/reassembly using NDNLP and jumbo frames
support. If you encounter any unexpected behavior it could be a bug,
and you should report it on NFD redmine at
http://redmine.named-data.net/projects/nfd/issues/new .


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