[Ndn-interest] NDN-friendly Mobility solutions

Mark Stapp mjs at cisco.com
Fri Feb 20 13:38:44 PST 2015

On 2/20/15 4:10 PM, Wentao Shang wrote:
>     I don't quite follow that remark about not having a routable name. if
>     you can't be reached, if you don't have a routable name, then ... you
>     can't be reached? I guess I expect that when an ndn host arrives on a
>     network, it learns some routable name prefix - just as an IP host learns
>     one or more addresses along with other necessary IP info from DHCP.
> This is true. But what if the producer wants to publish data under some
> provider-independent identity while he is moving across networks? The
> mobile device may be reachable via some local prefix but the data may be
> under a different prefix. E.g., I always want to publish data under
> /ucla/cs/wentao prefix while I'm moving from my office to my TWC
> homenet, or even back to China...
> Wentao

I know folks throw that hypothetical out there, but ... what is this 
"data", exactly? if it's a skype call, we've sort of talked about how 
that might work. if it's flickr photos, or facebook stuff, that doesn't 
seem too different. if you want to put something else somewhere on the 
ucla network, accessible via a "ucla.edu" name prefix, that should work 
too, just as if you updated ucla-hosted wiki or redmine, instance. an 
issue there might be whose keys are involved, I guess - does ucla vouch 
for _you_ directly, with ucla credentials of some kind? or does ucla 
delegate some new credential to you, valid for some entire subtree of 
ucla namespace? or do you have your own "wentao" credential, something 
independent of ucla, that folks trust whether your stuff comes from 
ucla, facebook, skype, etc. ?

just what is it that you want to "publish" from ucla's namespace while 


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