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Junxiao Shi shijunxiao at email.arizona.edu
Mon Feb 16 06:12:50 PST 2015

Hi Nitinder

NDN forwarder keeps Interests in PIT so that similar Interests (same Name
and Selectors) are suppressed.
If the upstream/producer doesn't answer, forwarding strategy can try
different paths. Typically, strategy won't forward to the same nexthop more
than once on its own.

When consumer retransmits a similar Interest (same Name and Selectors) with
a different Nonce, the forwarding strategy can decide whether to forward
this Interest again. In this situation, strategy may forward to the same
upstream/producer again.
Thus, consumer doesn't need to "rename" the Interest. It can just
retransmit with a different Nonce.

In NFD v0.3.0, best-route v2 strategy and access strategy will forward
consumer retransmitted Interest if it's more than 100ms since the previous
forwarded transmission; if the consumer retransmission is within 100ms,
it's suppressed.
The 100ms suppression interval is set arbitrarily. We are thinking about
using exponential backoff algorithm to decide whether to suppress or
forward. Other suggestions are welcomed.

Yours, Junxiao
On Feb 16, 2015 2:34 AM, "Nitinder Mohan" <nitinder1369 at iiitd.ac.in> wrote:

> Hello All,
> NDN stores all duplicate interests (which have not been answered) in PIT
> entry of the router and thus does not forward the interest to the producer
> again. If we assume that a producer does not reply to an interest for quite
> a long time (error at producer side), can consumer, some how, resend the
> interest bypassing the PIT entries? Or does the consumer has to rename the
> interest in such a way that it asks for the same data but is still unique?
> Does NDN currently have any capability to do so?
> Thanks and Regards
> Nitinder Mohan
> MTech (CE) IIIT Delhi
> http://home.iiitd.edu.in/~nitinder1369/
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