[Ndn-interest] Send and Receive Video using jNDN Client

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I'm a little confused. The Java ByteBuffer doesn't have a limit of 8K bytes.  Do you mean a limit on the size of an NDN data packet?  The NDN data packet has a max size of 8800 (including content, signature, etc.)  This is due to network MTU size.  NDN handles this by dividing a file into segments.

Before I explain more, are you familiar with NDN segments and how NDN names segments?  These are described in section 3.2 of "NDN Technical Memo: Naming Conventions":

Adding and parsing segment markers in names is supported in jNDN with Name.appendSegment and Name.Component.toSegment.

Other than supporing segments in names, jNDN does not yet have a utility to automatically send a file in segments or fetch a file with segments. This is a planned future higher-level API.  For now, the application must divide the file into segments and create names that have a segment marker.  In practice, each application may want to handle this differently. For example a real-time streaming video application may want to drop segments if the network does not deliver them.  But with a file transfer application, the appilcation may want to repeatedly try to fetch a segment if the fetch times out.

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- Jeff T

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Subject: [Ndn-interest] Send and Receive Video using jNDN Client


I am trying to send and receive a video file using jNDN Client.
There is a limitation of the ByteBuffer with max 8K bytes only!!
How can I extend it without receiving it in the onTimeout state.

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Bassem Labib
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