[Ndn-interest] nrd running exception of older version of NFD and ndn-cxx

Shuo Chen chenatu2006 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 17 07:34:47 PST 2014

Dear all,

      I installed older version of NFD ,ndn-cxx and repo-ng on CentOS 6.4.
These programs can be complied successfully. However, when nfd, nrd and
ndn-repo-ng is started. nrd show exeptions:

[root at xts01 repo-ng]# nrd
1416205874.220691 INFO: [RibManager] Listening on: /localhost/nfd/rib
1416205874.230050 INFO: [RibManager] Start monitoring face create/destroy
nrd: /usr/local/include/ndn-cxx/management/nfd-control-parameters.hpp:358:
const boost::chrono::milliseconds&
ndn::nfd::ControlParameters::getExpirationPeriod() const: Assertion
`this->hasExpirationPeriod()' failed.

These programs run normally on ubuntu. The reason I used older version is
that new version cannot be successfully complied on CentOS 6.4

ndn-cxx is updated on Jul 22
NFD is updated on May 17
repo-ng is updated on Jul 30
gcc is 4.6.4 and boost is 1.57

Shuo Chen
Tsinghua University
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