[Ndn-interest] FIB & TCP/ IP routing table

Nour El Houda Ben Youssef NourElHouda.BenYoussef at oxia-group.com
Thu Nov 13 01:02:50 PST 2014

Dear all
I wich you all having  wonderfull ndn experience

I'm working on a comparison of ndn and TCP/IP with ns-3 and I have few questions:

-          Can I compare ndn and FIB based on the size of ndn's FIB table and TCP/IP's routing tables ? can we consider FIB and TCP routing table equivalent?

-          I would like to compare message routing overhead , is it possible with ndnSim? In fact how can we obtain message overhead size with ndnSim

-          Finally I would like to ask if it's possible to use the flowmonitor module of ns-3 with ndnSim

Anyone having another pertinent comparing metric (ndn vs TCP/IP) is very welcome to help me

Best regards

Nour El Houda Ben Youssef Koubaa
Doctorante Mobidoc - OXIA/SAGE
Mastère nouvelle génération des systèmes d'informations - FST
Ingénieur Génie Logiciel - INSAT

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