[Nfd-dev] localhop security question

Junxiao Shi shijunxiao at email.arizona.edu
Thu Aug 29 18:43:36 PDT 2019

Hi Erynn

If you insert rib.localhop_security section, you must delete
rib.auto_prefix_propagate section. Having both simultaneously is
unsupported and may cause undefined behavior.

Yours, Junxiao

On Thu, Aug 29, 2019, 21:27 ERYNN-MARIE PHAN <erynnmarie at g.ucla.edu> wrote:

> Hello nfd-dev,
> I am trying to use auto prefix propagate. On the hub, I have uncommented
> this section of nfd.conf:
> localhop_security
>  {
>    trust-anchor
>    {
>      type any
>    }
> }
> so that the hub can accept prefix registrations from its clients. I have
> observed some confusing behavior when running apps on the hub with this
> section uncommented.
> These things work:
> - automatic prefix propagation
> - the example consumer app from the ndn-cxx repository
> These things do not work:
> (3) the example producer app from the ndn-cxx repository
> (4) nlsr
> (5) using nfdc to add a new route
> In each case, nfd fails silently after bypassing signature verification
> for a /localhop/nfd/rib/register interest, and the other program prints an
> error when it cannot reach nfd. I have attached some output and log files
> so you can see what I mean. Do you know if I am using something
> incorrectly? Please let me know if I can give you better information.
> Thank you,
> Erynn
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