[Nfd-dev] Ethernet unicast faces

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Hi Lixia,
This is very good news!
It would be great if you could give us the contact details of the person in charge of this project.

Thanks, and best regards,

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Subject: Re: [Nfd-dev] Ethernet unicast faces

unicast Ethernet was one of the hackathon projects over the weekend.
my understanding is that the code should be available real soon.

On Mar 27, 2017, at 1:07 AM, Adrichem, N.L.M. (Niels) van <niels.vanadrichem at tno.nl<mailto:niels.vanadrichem at tno.nl>> wrote:

Hello everybody,

As a work-around we will now use IP or UDP/IP encapsulation, but ultimately we would like to use only L2-/Ethernet-encapsulation to show that these types of L3-forwarding functions can be handled using just NDN.
I understand from the documentation that Ethernet multicast functionality is achieved through a PCAP filter on the multicast Ethernet address without setting the interface in promiscuous mode, suggesting a similar approach can be achieved through a PCAP filter on an interface’s own unicast Ethernet address without setting the interface in promiscuous mode.


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Subject: Ethernet unicast faces

Hi Alex, Davide, all,
I have a question about Ethernet unicast faces in NDN for usage in Wifi ad-hoc.
Do you have plans to re-implement Ethernet Unicast faces? we just discovered that was removed and NFD only offers Ethernet Multicast faces for now. For our ICN-IoT with WiFi Ad-hoc project this is a bit of a problem, since we want to retransmit on the same WiFi interface (which again is disabled in the dissemination strategy for Ethernet Multicast faces), and want to use the source and destination MAC address to respectively indicate who should be the next hop to retransmit the Data object and Interest.

We would appreciate your help (or work arounds) with this retransmission problem.


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