[Nfd-dev] 1-to-Many NDN-RTC test and hub strategy

Gusev, Peter peter at remap.UCLA.edu
Fri May 27 16:47:08 PDT 2016

Hi Junxiao,

From this face counters snapshot, I can see:
20695 Interests are forwarded to the producer (face 263), and 10558 Data come back.
There are ten consumers. Face 271 receives 15872 Interests, and 9959 Data are returned to this consumer. Other nine consumer faces only receive around 1000 Interests, and between 50 and 200 Data are returned.

I'm unsure whether there's a problem in forwarding, or it's simply a congestion.

I see two arguments supporting that it is not a congestion:
1/  everything works fine when I enable multicast on hub
2/ streams are around ~200Kbps which translates ~2Mbps for 10 consumers.
I’m not convinced that there could be a congestion here.

The difference of incoming Interest counter of face 271 and other consumers is most concerning.

The difference is not striking to me, because other 9 consumers never leave bootstrapping phase - i.e. they continue to issue Rightmost Interests with approximately 3000ms interval. Only one of the consumers is in Fetching phase with Interest rate of ~200 Interests/sec.

Can you add the following:
(a) nfd-status -f | grep udp4://<> output on consumers and producer, along with nfd-status -fr output on HUB, captured at the same time or after traffic stops. This would show whether there's packet loss between end host and HUB.

I can check it now.

(b) tcpdump trace (in .pcap format) captured on the HUB's NIC. This would capture the timing of packets, which allows us to analyze the behavior of NFD.

This will take me more time…


Yours, Junxiao

On Fri, May 27, 2016 at 1:15 PM, Gusev, Peter <peter at remap.ucla.edu<mailto:peter at remap.ucla.edu>> wrote:
hi Junxiao,

here’s the output after running test for ~1min with default strategy:

  faceid=1 remote=internal:// local=internal:// counters={in={0i 108d 69524B} out={106i 0d 14905B}} local permanent point-to-point
  faceid=254 remote=contentstore:// local=contentstore:// counters={in={0i 0d 0B} out={0i 0d 0B}} local permanent point-to-point
  faceid=255 remote=null:// local=null:// counters={in={0i 0d 0B} out={0i 0d 0B}} local permanent point-to-point
  faceid=256 remote=udp4:// local=udp4:// counters={in={0i 0d 0B} out={0i 0d 0B}} non-local permanent multi-access
  faceid=257 remote=udp4:// local=udp4:// counters={in={0i 0d 0B} out={0i 0d 0B}} non-local permanent multi-access
  faceid=258 remote=ether://[01:00:5e:00:17:aa] local=dev://eth1 counters={in={0i 0d 0B} out={0i 0d 0B}} non-local permanent multi-access
  faceid=259 remote=ether://[01:00:5e:00:17:aa] local=dev://eth0 counters={in={0i 0d 0B} out={0i 0d 0B}} non-local permanent multi-access
  faceid=260 remote=fd://30 local=unix:///run/nfd.sock counters={in={61i 18d 23798B} out={18i 61d 35692B}} local on-demand point-to-point
  faceid=263 remote=udp4:// local=udp4:// counters={in={0i 10558d 13658680B} out={20695i 0d 2237198B}} non-local persistent point-to-point
  faceid=265 remote=udp4:// local=udp4:// counters={in={1099i 0d 116576B} out={0i 158d 294915B}} non-local persistent point-to-point
  faceid=267 remote=udp4:// local=udp4:// counters={in={1021i 0d 107913B} out={0i 73d 198077B}} non-local persistent point-to-point
  faceid=269 remote=udp4:// local=udp4:// counters={in={1009i 0d 106468B} out={0i 92d 220952B}} non-local persistent point-to-point
  faceid=271 remote=udp4:// local=udp4:// counters={in={15872i 0d 1727208B} out={0i 9959d 12671723B}} non-local persistent point-to-point
  faceid=273 remote=udp4:// local=udp4:// counters={in={1030i 0d 108867B} out={0i 126d 252633B}} non-local persistent point-to-point
  faceid=275 remote=udp4:// local=udp4:// counters={in={1009i 0d 106468B} out={0i 57d 178233B}} non-local persistent point-to-point
  faceid=277 remote=udp4:// local=udp4:// counters={in={988i 0d 104209B} out={0i 86d 213201B}} non-local persistent point-to-point
  faceid=279 remote=udp4:// local=udp4:// counters={in={1044i 0d 110239B} out={0i 76d 205552B}} non-local persistent point-to-point
  faceid=281 remote=udp4:// local=udp4:// counters={in={1049i 0d 110944B} out={0i 79d 207786B}} non-local persistent point-to-point
  faceid=282 remote=udp4:// local=udp4:// expires=523s counters={in={1143i 0d 121185B} out={0i 172d 316470B}} non-local on-demand point-to-point
  faceid=290 remote=fd://42 local=unix:///run/nfd.sock counters={in={1i 0d 46B} out={0i 0d 0B}} local on-demand point-to-point
  /localhost/nfd/rib route={faceid=260 (origin=0 cost=0 ChildInherit)}
  /ndn/edu/ucla/remap/ndnrtc/user/client10 route={faceid=281 (origin=255 cost=0 ChildInherit)}
  /ndn/edu/ucla/remap/ndnrtc/user/client9 route={faceid=279 (origin=255 cost=0 ChildInherit)}
  /ndn/edu/ucla/remap/ndnrtc/user/client8 route={faceid=277 (origin=255 cost=0 ChildInherit)}
  /ndn/edu/ucla/remap/ndnrtc/user/client7 route={faceid=275 (origin=255 cost=0 ChildInherit)}
  /ndn/edu/ucla/remap/ndnrtc/user/client6 route={faceid=273 (origin=255 cost=0 ChildInherit)}
  /ndn/edu/ucla/remap/ndnrtc/user/client5 route={faceid=271 (origin=255 cost=0 ChildInherit)}
  /ndn/edu/ucla/remap/ndnrtc/user/client4 route={faceid=269 (origin=255 cost=0 ChildInherit)}
  /ndn/edu/ucla/remap/ndnrtc/user/client3 route={faceid=267 (origin=255 cost=0 ChildInherit)}
  /ndn/edu/ucla/remap/ndnrtc/user/client2 route={faceid=265 (origin=255 cost=0 ChildInherit)}
  /ndn/edu/ucla/remap/ndnrtc/user/client1 route={faceid=263 (origin=255 cost=0 ChildInherit)}


Peter Gusev

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