[Nfd-dev] ndnputfile problem

Mohammad Alhowaidi malhowaidi at gmail.com
Thu May 26 14:49:41 PDT 2016

Hello all,

I have some problem with ndnputfile, it works with me on one node but now
its not working with me on other vm.

I clone the repo-ng and created the /var/db/ndn-repo-ng
and started sudo ndn-repo-ng
after starting the ndn-repo-ng it will give the following output:

malhowai at node-1:/var/db/ndn-repo-ng$ sudo ndn-repo-ng
initialize storage cost: 0 millisecondsms

but it will not return to the terminal so I close it using ctrl+c ( not
sure if this is correct but I waited long time and nothing happen)

and now each time I run ndnputfile I get the following error

ndnputfile /example/repo/1 /ndn/example/1/test.txt test.txt
ERROR: command response timeout

Any idea why this happening?

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