[Nfd-dev] Autoconfig for local WiFi network

Gusev, Peter peter at remap.ucla.edu
Thu Mar 24 18:37:17 PDT 2016

Hi dev team,

Once we tested NDN over Ethernet on our local “testbed” - three laptops with NFD connected to the same network - after creating ethernet faces, ndncon instances running on each machine “magically” discovered each other and were able to communicate via chat/audio/video.

However, I’m curious about feasibility of getting similar effect on the local WiFi networks (and whether autoconfig can help with that or such discovery should become a part of autoconfig):

Say, I have three laptops with NFD connected to the same WiFi network with no Internet access. If I run autoconfig on all three laptops - will they “magically” discover each other and create routes? If so, which routes will be created?
If no, what precludes from implementing such “local autodiscovery"?


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