[Nfd-dev] Clarification on usage of ChildSelector in Content Store

Wissingh, B.F. (Bastiaan) bastiaan.wissingh at tno.nl
Thu Mar 17 02:47:37 PDT 2016


I’m currently trying to figure out how exactly NFD matches an Interest on a Content Store object by looking through the nfd code. So far I understand the process, the function Cs::find seems to be the “general entry” used by the forwarder to request the Content Store to find a match for an Interest it received, however it is not really clear to me how the ChildSelector parameter of an Interest is used here. Based on the value, it will either try to find a LeftMost or RightMost match.

I found some explanatory documentation on (http://named-data.net/doc/ndn-tlv/interest.html#childselector), however with the example given there I’m still not quite sure what the purpose is and how it works.

Could some of you provide me with a more extensive example on this?

Thank you,
Bastiaan Wissingh
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