[Nfd-dev] HOWTO reply to a review comment on Gerrit

Junxiao Shi shijunxiao at email.arizona.edu
Sun Mar 6 08:24:33 PST 2016

Dear folks

I'm asked for how to reply to a review comment on Gerrit, and here's the

   1. Go to your Gerrit Change. The URI should look like
   http://gerrit.named-data.net/#/c/NN/ where NN is the Change number.
   2. Under "History" pane, tap "Expand All" button.
   3. Find the comment you want to reply to, and tap the line number to the
   left of that comment. This should display the file along with all comments.
   4. Find the comment, tap on the comment to expand it.
   5. Tap "Reply" button.
   6. In the multi-line textbox, enter your reply.
   7. Tap "Save" button. You can see that your reply is labelled "Draft",
   and at this moment only you can see it.
   8. Tap the up arrow on top-right corner under your name and photo. This
   takes you back to the Change.
   9. Repeat steps 2-8 if you need to reply to other comments.
   10. Tap "Reply..." button on top-center of the screen. A popup appears
   with a multi-line textbox on the top, and the list of your replies in the
   middle. Look through your replies and verify they are all accurate and
   display correctly. If you need to correct a mistake, tap the line number to
   the left of your reply, and repeat steps 4-10. If you need to delete a
   reply, tap "Discard" button instead of "Save" in step 7.
   11. If you want to write something that is applicable to the entire
   Change but not a specific file, you may write it on the multi-line textbox
   under "Reply..." button.
   12. After reviewing all your replies, tap "Post" button. Your replies
   are visible to other users only after "Post".

Many developers make the mistake of stopping at step 7, and thus their
replies aren't visible to others.

Gerrit comments do not use Markdown syntax, and I don't have a good
documentation on what's the syntax.
Some common structures can be written as:

   - To embed code in your comment, put two spaces in front of each line,
   and put a blank line before and after the code block.
   - To create an unordered list, put a "*" in front of each line, and put
   a blank line before and after the list.
   - Gerrit syntax does not seem to support ordered lists. To create an
   ordered list, use the unordered list structure, and put the number inside
   the list. In other words, the first item should start with "* 1.", the
   second item should start with "* 2.", etc.

Gerrit discussion should focus on the code itself. If you need to discuss
design, post such discussions to Redmine, where every post gets a "note-N"
link so it can be referenced easily.

This article is part of "HOWTOs for n00b" series. You may find other
articles in this series on NFD wiki
<http://redmine.named-data.net/projects/nfd/wiki> under developer resources.
Yours, Junxiao
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