[Nfd-dev] HOWTO see details of Jenkins build error

Junxiao Shi shijunxiao at email.arizona.edu
Wed Feb 10 06:23:31 PST 2016

Dear folks

I'm asked how to see the details of a Jenkins build error.
The procedure is:

   1. From your Gerrit Change, find a link to the failed Jenkins build. It
   should start with http://jenkins.named.net/ .
   2. Navigate to that link, and sign in with any Google Account.
   3. Under "Configurations" there should be a list of operating system
   names. These are the systems you commit has been built on. If there's a red
   circle to the left of a system name, the build has failed on this system.
   If there's no system name showing up, something went wrong in Jenkins
   scheduling, and you can see the error via "Console Output" link on the left
   navigation bar.
   4. Tap on a system name that has a red circle.
   5. Tap on "View as plain text" link on left navigation bar.
   6. Scroll to the end of this output, and look for signs of compilation
   7. If the end of output looks like unit testing logs, this means there's
   no compilation error. Search for "error in" and "error: in" (precisely
   these two strings without quotes) to find out which test cases went wrong.
   8. If the end of output looks like a Java stack trace, this means
   there's an issue with a Jenkins slave machine.
   9. In case of Jenkins scheduling error (step 3) or slave error (step 8),
   go back to the page opened in step 2, and tap "Retrigger" on the left
   navigation bar. If the build still fails due to the same Jenkins
   scheduling/slave error, complain on nfd-dev mailing list, and include a
   link to the failed build in your message.

Yours, Junxiao
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