[Nfd-dev] best-route behavior

Hila Ben Abraham hila at wustl.edu
Mon Apr 20 08:41:58 PDT 2015


What is the expected behavior of the best-route strategy when the primary
face it uses doesn't respond with data? Shouldn't it try another face?
According to our experiments it keeps on forwarding the same interests to
the primary face, although another 'working' and more expensive face is

In some more details:
We are running an experiment using the following topology:

On B, we set the cost of /ndn/test/ping toward C to be cheaper than the one
toward D.

We start ndnpingserver on node D to respond to /ndn/test/ping, and we start
ndnping to ping for the same namespace on node A.

As expected, B forwards the first interest on the cheapest face toward C.
However, even though C fails to respond with data, B keeps forwarding the
following ping interests to C, and never tries the face toward D.

Is this the expected behavior? Am I missing something here?

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