[Nfd-dev] Ethernet Multicast in NFD

Davide Pesavento davide.pesavento at lip6.fr
Wed Apr 1 11:16:03 PDT 2015

Hi Divyashri,

Use the faceId instead of the faceUri in the `nfdc register ...`
command, and repeat the command for each of the 4 EthernetFace IDs you

Question for Alex/Junxiao: nfdc's FaceIdFetcher returns only 1 faceId
in case multiple faces match the specified faceUri. Is this intended
behavior or a bug?


On Wed, Apr 1, 2015 at 7:57 PM, Divyashri Bhat <dbhat at umass.edu> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am trying to use the broadcast strategy in a testbed setup in Ubuntu 12.04 VMs.
> The corresponding entry in my config file:
> ether
>   {
>     ; Ethernet multicast settings
>     ; NFD creates one Ethernet multicast face per NIC
>     mcast yes ; set to 'no' to disable Ethernet multicast, default 'yes'
>     mcast_group 01:00:5E:00:17:AA ; Ethernet multicast group
>   }
> As far as I understand, when I run the following command, I should see corresponding FIB entries for all Ethernet faces.
> sudo nfdc register /test/pingserver ether://[01:00:5e:00:17:aa]
> However, I have 4 ethernet faces and my nfd-status result looks like this:
>   faceid=256 remote=ether://[01:00:5e:00:17:aa] local=dev://eth3 counters={in={185i 0d 11698B} out={0i 0d 0B}} non-local persistent multi-access
>   faceid=257 remote=ether://[01:00:5e:00:17:aa] local=dev://eth2 counters={in={0i 0d 0B} out={0i 0d 0B}} non-local persistent multi-access
>   faceid=258 remote=ether://[01:00:5e:00:17:aa] local=dev://eth1 counters={in={0i 0d 0B} out={0i 0d 0B}} non-local persistent multi-access
>   faceid=259 remote=ether://[01:00:5e:00:17:aa] local=dev://eth0 counters={in={0i 0d 0B} out={0i 0d 0B}} non-local persistent multi-access
>   faceid=260 remote=fd://23 local=unix:///run/nfd.sock counters={in={50i 7d 7511B} out={7i 29d 16632B}} local on-demand point-to-point
>   faceid=271 remote=fd://26 local=unix:///run/nfd.sock counters={in={3i 0d 137B} out={0i 2d 858B}} local on-demand point-to-point
> FIB:
>   /localhost/nfd nexthops={faceid=1 (cost=0)}
>   /test/pingserver nexthops={faceid=256 (cost=0)}
>   /localhost/nfd/rib nexthops={faceid=260 (cost=0)}
> RIB:
>   /localhost/nfd/rib route={faceid=260 (origin=0 cost=0 ChildInherit)}
>   /test/pingserver route={faceid=256 (origin=255 cost=0 ChildInherit)}
> Strategy choices:
>   /localhost/nfd strategy=/localhost/nfd/strategy/broadcast/%FD%01
>   /ndn/broadcast strategy=/localhost/nfd/strategy/broadcast/%FD%01
>   /localhost strategy=/localhost/nfd/strategy/broadcast/%FD%01
>   /test/pingserver strategy=/localhost/nfd/strategy/broadcast/%FD%01
>   / strategy=/localhost/nfd/strategy/broadcast/%FD%01
> How can I broadcast this Interest on all Ethernet faces?
> Could you help me understand what I am missing here?
> Thank you
> Regards,
> Divyashri Bhat
> dbhat at umass.edu<mailto:dbhat at umass.edu>
> Graduate Student
> Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering,
> University of Massachusetts, Amherst
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