[ndnSIM] Pybindgen missing

李怿曈 Yitong LI yitongli at hkust-gz.edu.cn
Thu Mar 28 06:01:02 PDT 2024

Hi all,

I’m currently configuring ndnSIM with Pybindgen enabled, because I need PyViz visualizer. So I followed the documentation, clone repository of pybindgen, ns-3, then I installed Pybindgen using ./waf command with python3. The problem happens when I run "python2 ./waf configure -d optimized” in ns-3 folder to install ndnSIM. It gave me an error indicating Pybindgen is missing. I’ve tested its installation using import Pybindgen in python, it works. I’ve attached the log below. Please help me with that.

---- Summary of optional NS-3 features:
Build profile                 : optimized
Build directory               :
BRITE Integration             : not enabled (BRITE not found at requested location)
DES Metrics event collection  : not enabled (defaults to disabled)
DPDK NetDevice                : enabled
Emulation FdNetDevice         : enabled
Examples                      : not enabled (defaults to disabled)
File descriptor NetDevice     : enabled
GNU Scientific Library (GSL)  : enabled
Gcrypt library                : enabled
GtkConfigStore                : enabled
MPI Support                   : not enabled (option --enable-mpi not selected)
NS-3 Click Integration        : not enabled (nsclick not enabled (see option --with-nsclick))
NS-3 OpenFlow Integration     : not enabled (OpenFlow not enabled (see option --with-openflow))
Netmap emulation FdNetDevice  : not enabled (needs net/netmap_user.h)
Network Simulation Cradle     : not enabled (NSC not found (see option --with-nsc))
PlanetLab FdNetDevice         : not enabled (PlanetLab operating system not detected (see option --force-planetlab))
PyViz visualizer              : not enabled (Python Bindings are needed but not enabled)
Python Bindings               : not enabled (PyBindGen missing)
Real Time Simulator           : enabled
SQLite stats support          : enabled
Tap Bridge                    : enabled
Tap FdNetDevice               : enabled
Tests                         : not enabled (defaults to disabled)
Threading Primitives          : enabled
Use sudo to set suid bit      : not enabled (option --enable-sudo not selected)
XmlIo                         : enabled
ndnSIM                        : enabled
'configure' finished successfully (26.699s)

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