[ndnSIM] [EXT] How to measure ndn custom application and udp custom application performance?

MD. ANAMUL HASAN RONY 1804118 u1804118 at student.cuet.ac.bd
Thu Mar 21 22:43:06 PDT 2024

*Thank you for your response.*

*for further clarification:*
*How can I measure throughput ,delay and packet drops to compare bellow ndn
and udp application. I tried for ndn by using obtain matrix but it failed.*

*My questions:*

*1. How can I measure performance for both udp and ndn application 's
"throughput, delay and packet drops" ?*
*1. Should I try measuring parameters manually?*
*2. From the L3ratetracer can I measure throughput ,delay and packet drops
for ndn and udp both?*
*3. How can I compare both ndn and udp application throughput,delay and
packet drops?*
*4. For udp application should I use flow monitor to measure throughput
,delay and packet drops?*

*For your consideration my code for udp and ndn custom app is given bellow:*

*** NDN custom application's main.cpp***
 ndn::AppHelper appHelper ("ndnBlockchainApp");

 vector<Ptr<ndnBlockchainApp>> apps;

for (auto &node : allNodes) {
 std::string nodeName = Names::FindName (node);
 Ptr<ndnBlockchainApp> app = CreateObject<ndnBlockchainApp> ();
app->SetStartTime (Seconds (startTime));
app->SetStopTime (Seconds (endTime));
app->SetAttribute ("NodeName", StringValue (nodeName));
app->SetAttribute ("cssz", IntegerValue (100));
 apps.push_back (app);
 if (nodeName[0] == 'r') continue;
 node->AddApplication (app);
std::string prefix = "/ndn.blockchain/" + nodeName;
ndnRoutingHelper.AddOrigins (prefix, node);

 Simulator::Stop (Seconds (endTime));
* Simulator::Schedule (Seconds (10.000), &ndnBlockchainApp::NewTransaction,
apps[108], std::string ("user-145 Donald"));*
 Simulator::Run ();
Simulator::Destroy ();

*** UDP custom application's main.cpp***

 LogComponentEnable ("ipBlockchainApp", LOG_LEVEL_DEBUG);

 auto allLinks = topologyReader.GetLinks ();
InternetStackHelper internetHelper; internetHelper.Install (allNodes);
 topologyReader.AssignIpv4Addresses ("");
 vector<Ptr<ipBlockchainApp>> apps;

for (int i = 0; i < allNodes.size (); i++) {
 Ptr<Node> node = allNodes.Get (i);
 std::string nodeName = Names::FindName (node);
 Ptr<Ipv4> ipv4 = node->GetObject<Ipv4> ();
Ipv4InterfaceAddress iaddr = ipv4->GetAddress (1, 0);
 Ipv4Address ipAddr = iaddr.GetLocal ();
 Ptr<ipBlockchainApp> udp = CreateObject<ipBlockchainApp> ();
udp->SetStartTime (Seconds (startTime));
udp->SetStopTime (Seconds (endTime));

apps.push_back (udp);

if (nodeName[0] == 'r') continue; allNodes.Get (i)->AddApplication (udp); }
* Simulator::Schedule (Seconds (10.000), &ipBlockchainApp::NewTransaction,
apps[108], std::string ("user-145 Donald"));*
 Simulator::Stop (Seconds (endTime));

yours ,Rony
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