[ndnSIM] Very less interest packet received at the producer in ndn-simple-wifi.cc for multiple nodes

SUBODH MISHRA 1911602 at iiitdmj.ac.in
Sat Jun 4 19:07:01 PDT 2022

Dear all,
I want to create the NDN network with ad hoc wifi connection. For this I
saw the example ndn-simple-wifi.cc   Initially the  ndn-simple-wifi.cc
example contains two nodes with  nodes.Get(0) as the consumer node and
nodes.Get(1) as the producer node. At this stage the interest packets are
continuously received by the producer which we check by the
continuous appearance of the  green link in the python visualizer.  When I
increase the number of consumers to 10, very less interest packets are
received by the producer. Also the green link (which is the symbol of
packet transmission in python visualizer) is rarely seen with 10 consumer

Please help me to successfully create the NDN network with ad hoc wifi
connection for multiple nodes. Thanks in advance.

Thanks & Regards
Subodh Mishra

Research Scholar (Ph.D),
Department of Computer Science and Engineering,
PDPM-Indian Institute of Information Technology,
Design and Manufacturing, Jabalpur

Email: 1911602 [at] iiitdmj [dot] ac [dot] in ,
           subodhkmishra [at] gmail [dot] com
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