[ndnSIM] V2V Push forwarding Strategy in ndnSIM

Naveed Khan binbs.khan at gmail.com
Thu Feb 3 03:25:02 PST 2022

I am working on V2V and forwarding two different data packets from the same
vehicle such as  If a data packet is identified as pull-based traffic, it
is delivered using the existing NDN, and if the received data packet is a
push-based traffic type, it is delivered using a predefined addition in the
PIT table for push-based forwarding. My question is where should I
start changes in ndnSIM to achieved my goal? need your valuable suggestions
regarding this issue.
*Naveed Khan*
*PhD Student *
*Beijing University of Technology*
*Email: binbs.khan at gmail.com <binbs.khan at gmail.com>*
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