[ndnSIM] Not executing m_cs.insert(data) command on consumer generates error

Waseeq Islam waseeq_islam at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 10 22:42:54 PST 2022

I need help to solve the following issue related to caching in the multi-consumer scenario.

Scenario: The multi-consumers scenario requesting the same content at different time

If we don't cache the content on the consumer, which will demand it in a short time, the code starts behaving strangely.   
Consider the scenario where two consumers C1 and C2 will request the same content x.  C1 requests it at time 0 whereas C2 will request it at 1000.   
When C1 requests the content the Data packet passes from C2 to reach C1. As C2 has not yet requested it, we are not caching it on C2 (by checking which consumer requested it keeping the consumer ID in the tag).    
By doing this the code is giving very bad behavior, the working is similar to having no PIT. The nodes start transmitting the received Interest packer each time without considering PIT aggregation or loops. As a result, consumers barely receive the data packet.
       Idea:  I got the idea to store the received content on each consumer C2 and C1, whether they have requested it or will request in short period of time. Later, to check if it is not yet requested by the current consumer to remove it from the cache after storing. So, when at time = 1000, C2 requests it. It should not get it from its local cache, instead, it should request it by sending Interest.
The problem is how to remove cache entry from the

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