[ndnSIM] Safely removing Pit Entries on receiving new interest.

Prajjwal Singh csb17053 at tezu.ac.in
Wed May 5 07:15:00 PDT 2021

Hello everybody,
I am trying to remove a few Pit Entries from the PIT on some basis when a
new interest packet arrives.

Please guide me which functions can I make use of to remove such entries.

Till now I have been doing the following:

I have added an extra data structure that keeps (Pit::Entry *) of pit
Then I am tweaking forwarder.cpp::onIncomingInterest() function to delete
I have tried to use the function m_pit.erase(pit_entry.get());
to delete entries.
But, at some point the simulation hangs when some other part of the code
to delete the entry(which i have already deleted by my added code) and
gives me the error:
void nfd::pit::Pit::erase(nfd::pit::Entry*, bool): Assertion `nte !=
nullptr' failed.

Thanking you in advance,
Prajjwal Singh
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