[ndnSIM] How to add vector type tag to Interest/Data?

Hussein AlOmaisi alomaisi2004 at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 6 00:54:06 PST 2021

In ndnSIM 2.8, there is a TLV type of GeoTag(as vector3d) in NDN LP which is a vector which can be add to Interest and Data packet. You can use it for your purpose or create a new one following the same logic of GeoTag.See the following links:https://ndnsim.net/current/doxygen/classndn_1_1lp_1_1GeoTag.html

I hope it helps.Best regards,

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  1. How to add vector type tag to Interest/Data? (Zhongxiang Zhu)


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I have attached uint64_t and string types as tags to Interest/Data, but I'm
trying to add a vector type tag as well.
In field-decl.hpp, DecodeHelper and EncodeHelper don't know about vector
type and there's no method defined for vector in block-helpers too.
Please help that how can I define my own in order to attach a vector tag.

Many Thanks
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