[ndnSIM] Redundant code in Forwarder::onIncomingData pipeline?

Sonia zohanoor67 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 23 00:42:59 PDT 2021


Please guide me if I am missing something.

In onIncomingData pipeline when there is at least one PIT entry match (  if
(pitMatches.size() == 1) { ....... )  it calls Strategy.afterReceiveData()
method and this method sends data to all pending down streams via its
inFace, data); method.

My question is then why the else statement (for multiple downstream faces)
is there in Forwarder::onIncomingData pipeline. Isn't this code redundant
as the  Strategy.afterReceiveData() method already have implemented the
same logic?

My second concern is that I have run many scenarios (both p2p and adhoc)
and multiple strategies (including multicast and broadcast), but I always
get only one downstream face never got more than 1 pending downstream face.
I checked it in Forwarder log.

Any quidance will be highly appreciated.

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