[ndnSIM] Enabling "Decimal floating point" Data Type Encoding/Decoding in NDNLP Header Fields

Hussein AlOmaisi alomaisi2004 at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 28 17:56:30 PST 2020

I want to add some info. to Interest and Data packets using NDN link protocol (NDNlp) header. I did that and it works fine. The problem now is when I try to add info. with "double" data type, for example, geo-coordinates "x:152.336", it does not work and it gives me only the integral number "x:152". I think I have a problem with the encoding and decoding methods that are used by NDNLP, but how to modify them to support double data type.
 if you have any idea/hint/useful link regarding that, please share it with me. 
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