[ndnSIM] Push Based Message Dissemination System in VNDN

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Dear Lixia Zhang,

I think Solicitating an interest for an incident on the road cannot work. Due to the dynamic and unpredictable incidents, vehicles cannot send an interest for each incident individually which is difficult for consumers to decide when they should initiate an interest packet for specific incident. The determination of too short or long broadcast time will surely impact the network performance.

So in my opinion, a suitable push-based approach i.e., Publish/ subscribe may work?


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communication works when the receiving ends desire the data (not just a sender feels it wants to send to you -- that's why DDoS is so bad these days).

so one could have a vehicle using interests to soliciting the kind of traffic information it is interested in receiving.

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Dear Team,

I am looking for Push-based traffic information dissemination in Vehicular Named Data Networking. How a vehicle can share traffic/incident information among neighbouring vehicles in a push-based style? Since, NDN is a Pull Based Architecture supported.

I shall be really very grateful for your response.

 Raun Zhang
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