[ndnSIM] Installing cache policy in specific nodes and cache hit rates

Samar Alduayji samarduayji at gmail.com
Thu Jan 2 04:51:35 PST 2020

Dear All,

I'm using the *StackHelper* to implement the caching policy with the
function *SetOldContentStore* to use the freshness policy and I have
several questions:

1- Does the freshness policy still working? I use the "
*ns3::ndn::cs::Freshness::Lru*" and I have two producers each has
different freshness values. I edited the consumer class to enforce asking
for fresh data only ( using the *MustBeFresh* flag). Do I need to change
any other classes?

2- I'm trying to implement the caching policy in some nodes only and I
tried to use *stackHelper.Install( Ptr<Node> node)* instead of InsallAll(),
but it didn't work and I got the following message ( terminated with signal

3- Maybe a dummy question. For the cached data in the content store, how
the freshness value decreases over time?

4- I'm using *CsTracer* to get the cache hits and misses, and I'm trying
with different caching polices ( old content store ones), different
consumers frequency rates and different freshness values. However, the
results are almost the same for all trails with high cache misses and low
cache hits. How can I get better results?

*your help is really appreciated. *

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