[ndnSIM] How to get some parameters values in ndnSIM

Hussein AlOmaisi alomaisi2004 at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 19 15:48:21 PST 2020

 Hi all,
 I am new to ndnSIM. I went through the examples in ndnSIM documentation, but I still need your assistance in the following. any hint, advice, or link will be appreciated:

1. How to get the total number of entries in PIT, as well the total PEL (PIT entry lifetime) for a node? is there a way to get these values directly or should I go through each entry one by one to count the PIT entries and sum their PEL?2. How to get the rate of satisfied Interest or data received for a node?3. How to get the total cache space, free cache space or used cache space for a node?
All the above parameters' values are needed to be collected during the simulation run. When an Interest packet is received, all the above values are needed to be read, then they will be used collectively somehow to make the decision of forwarding?

 Best regards,
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