[ndnSIM] Large topology

Philipp Moll philipp.moll at itec.aau.at
Tue Feb 18 22:44:36 PST 2020


with the information provided it is hard to say what you want to 
achieve. If you want to build a randomly generated network, you could 
use BRITE (https://www.cs.bu.edu/brite/). We used it for previous papers 
together with ndnSIM, maybe you can get a clue about how to use BRITE 
with ndnSIM when browsing through this repository: 


On 2/18/20 2:00 PM, اسماء عبدالرحمن via ndnSIM wrote:
> Hello everyone
> How can I generat a large topology in Ndnsim?
> Thank you for any help
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